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Continuous Extrusion Process Principle

  • Continuous Extrusion Process Principle
  • Continuous Extrusion Process Principle
  • Continuous Extrusion Process Principle
  • Continuous Extrusion Process Principle
  • Continuous Extrusion Process Principle
Model No.︰TBJ-300
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Country of Origin︰China
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Product Description

Principle of continuous extrusion Pinciple of continuous cladding

Top reason to select
1. Superior Performance with Lower Price and Higher Output

2. Over 20 Years Thorough Research and Application

Patented planetary brush and high pressure vortex aluminum cleaning units
Dedicated designed chambers and dies tooling Super-high 100MPa hydraulic system and 250MPa wheel clamp technology
Nominated 8 states level "scientific and technical award"
3. Proved Practical by Over 100 Installations
Skilled technicians, special measure tools to ensure the quality
4. Robust Machinery in Manufacture, Design, Production
Long life for the spare parts
Numerical simulation for the design of the machine, die and chamber
FEM Stress Check for the model of the machinery
EDM and NC guarantee the parts precision

5. Reliable Source of All Electric and Mechanic Components
DC motor, ABB, Mitsubishi electric components
Eurotherm ADC inverter and ADLINK PC
NBZD gearbox and Rextoth hydraulic

6. Universal and Flexible
Capable of continuous extrusion and continuous cladding purpose
Transform to cooper or aluminum production
Harden apparatus to control the hardness of the flat wire

7. Advanced Automation Computer Control System
User friendly touch screen GUI
Present and record all aspect information of the whole process
Adopt Fuzzy logic, neural network and PID loop control technologies
Simple button click and manipulation the whole process
8. Rapid Feedback Support Team
Deliver primary spare parts within 2 days after order
Engineers on-site service within 3 days after customer claim
9. Full Range of Machinery for Customizable Turn-key Project

Advanced Machinery y
Universal SLJB350 capable of continuous extrusion and continuous cladding purpose
Interchangeable TLJ series machinery can adopt both cooper and aluminum as feedstock
Cleaning Patented planetary brush and high pressure vortex aluminum cleaning units
Chambers Dedicated designed chambers and dies for various copper and aluminum products
FEM FEM stress check by I-DEAS for the machinery parts during the CAD process
Simulation Deformation process has been numerical simulated and optimized via the DEFORM simulation software
Manufacture High quality material in the manufacture, special heat treatment for the principal parts and result high reliable machinery
Exactness Manufactures for the important parts are NC and EDM methods
Strength Hardness of the flat wire can be adjusted by the hardener unit
Take-Up Automatic and synchronous take up by speed control and tensile control
High Pressure The super-high hydraulic can reach the high pressure of 100MPa

Production Tooling
Tooling supplied by our company using the computer controlled equipment particularly use in dies, die mandrel sets and die

Continuous extrusion, TBJ300 series, adopts advanced technology in the world,   continuously feeds the raw material like rod of certain specification into revolving squeeze roll grooved. The rod is to be rubbed and extruded in the holddown groove, generating sufficient temperature by enormous force of friction and extrusion and getting state of recrystallization, then to be extruded and formed in one piece through cavity and the purpose-made die, which could promptly make various copper or aluminum flat wire with high quality.


Extrusion characteristics:

   Comparing with the traditional drawing process, continuous extrusion technology has advantages as follows:

1. Surface shine, free of bur and warped-skin, and precise physical dimension.

2. Excellent in electrical conductivity.

3. Uniform product performance and consistent, without annealing operation.

4. Products could be as ideal as state of soft and state of semi-solid, which could be supplied as random length.

5. Small floor space, low energy consumption and high material utilization, free of process residues such as remainder, side-cut.


Product Use

   The equipment could produce various solid sections such as copper & aluminum flat strip, commutator connect, trolley contact wire. Copper busbar. The products could be extensively used in transformer, motor, power car , civil train tracks and other manufacturing industries .


Characteristics introduction for the extrusion, MFCCE series

Driving System

   Supplying not only the DC drive but also the advanced frequency conversion drive for your choosing.

   Frequency conversion drive, adopts ZSY series frequency conversion electrical machine and imported MITSUBISHI transducer, SIMENS PLC, and electric parts adopt SCHNEIDER series, it is high effective and energy saved.

   DC drive, adopts Z4 series mainframe, EUROTHERM controller, SIMENS PLC, and electric parts adopt SCHNEIDER series, it is stable and reliable.



   Improving the cavity and selecting new material for the die to increase service life and decrease flush ratio, making disassembly and assembly time shorter, and being convenient for small lot manufacturing.


Control system

   Adopts computer intelligence control, can automatically adjust the extrusion speed and taking speed, according to product specification and required temperature(can be set actually). It realizes full-automatic production. The control system is in networking and has canceled the general twice instrument. SIEMENS process controller is in high working reliability. Digital controlled looptype maneuvering box includes 5.7 inch LCD screen and full-function industrial thin film keyboard, the interface is concise and nice looking. It can display and set all technics parameter, and only one person can finish turn on operation. Equipped the inclined computer console for equipment controlling, trouble displaying, data recording, curve file printing, historical data querying and so on.


Hydraulic system

   Combine the hydraulic system and the lubrication system ingeniously, takes small floor space, is more safe and reliable.

The pressure dwell system adopts Germany original packaging parts. Pressure control adopts U.S.A. imported pressure sensor, which can link with computer to realize digital control automatically. The whole hydraulic system need to turn on only one time, the booster pump will stop working after reaching the working pressure, and can guarantee normal production for more than 8 hours. It not only can save energy, but also can greatly improve the working life of hydraulic system parts.

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